Modelling stable isotope cycles in biological and geological systems

The isobxr program is a set of R tools designed to perform and explore stable isotope box modelling of open or closed systems. On this website, you can find all documentation and tutorials for the use of the isobxr package.


isobxr is on CRAN!

The isobxr package is now on the CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network) and can be found on its isobxr CRAN page.

It can now be installed directly from CRAN by calling:


What can you find on this site?

  1. How can I install isobxr and demo files?

  2. What is isobxr?

  3. Box models single runs with run_isobxr: general presentation and tutorial

  4. Box models scenario runs with compose_isobxr: general presentation and tutorial

  5. Sweep parameters at the final state: general presentation and tutorial

  6. Sweep parameters in response to perturbation: general presentation and tutorial

  7. Use the shiny offline html app to plot compose_isobxr, sweep_steady and sweep_dyn outputs: general presentation